To the Saxons Ostara was the Goddess of Dawn. She was responsible for bringing spring each year, she was also known as Eostre. During the month of Eosturmona■ Anglo Saxons held festivals in her honor. This was the time we now call Easter.

One particular year Ostara was feeling guilty about arriving so late. To make matters worse, She arrived to find a pitiful little bird who lay dying. His wings frozen by the snow. Lovingly, Ostara cradled the shivering creature and saved his life. Legend has it that she then made him her pet. Filled with compassion for him since he could no longer fly because of his frost-damaged wings, she turned him into a rabbit, a snow hare, and gave him the name Lepus.

She also gave him the gift of being able to run with astonishing speed so he could easily evade all the hunters. To honor his earlier form as a bird, She also gave him the ability to lay eggs (in all the colors of the rainbow, no less), but he was only allowed to lay eggs on one day out of each year.

One day Ostara lost her temper with Lepus and she flung him into the skies where he would remain for eternity as the constellation Lepus (The Hare), forever positioned under the feet of the constellation Orion (the Hunter). But later, remembering all the good times they had once enjoyed, Ostara softened a bit and allowed the hare to return to earth once each year, but only to give away his eggs to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring.
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