The Nocnitsa, or "Night Hag", is a nightmare spirit known to torment children at night. Often times mothers in some regions will place a knife in their children's cradles or draw a circle around the cradles with a knife for protection. This is possibly based on the belief that supernatural beings cannot touch iron. A stone with a hole in the center is also said to be a protection from the Nocnitsa.

The Nocnitsa is known to sit on one’s chest, drawing life energy. Because of this, many refer to Nocnitsa as a type of vampire. The Nocnitsa will often continue visiting. According to some folklore, night hags visit when one sleeps on one’s back, with the hands on the chest, a position allegedly called “sleeping with the dead”.

According to some folklore, night hags are made of shadow and might also have a horrible screeching voice. It is said she might also smell of the moss and dirt from her forest of origin.
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