A goddess of ancient Ireland and one of the greatest of the women of the Tuatha de Danaan, she fed on the heads of men slain in battle. She was associated with war, horses, and sovereignty. Macha’s themes are victory, success, protection, fertility and fire. Her symbols are red items, the acorn and the crow.

Macha means ‘mighty one.’ She used Her might to protect the Celts’ lands agains invaders, thereby becoming a war Goddess and guardian. Art shows Her dressed in red (a color abhorrent to evil) and with blazing red hair, forever chasing off any malevolence that threatens her children’s success.

She, along with Badb and Morrigu , used powers of enchantment to bring mists , clouds of darkness, and showers of fire and blood over the Firbolgs at Teamhair for three days. The daughter of Emmass, she was killed by Balor in the second battle of Magh Tuireadh.
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