The Fomorii are a race said to have inhabited Ireland in ancient times. They were sea gods in Irish mythology. Violent and misshapen, the Fomorii dragged their deformed and hate-filled bodies out of the ocean waves.

The medieval myth of Partholon says that his followers were the first to invade Ireland after the flood, but the Fomorians were already there: Seathrún Céitinn reports a tradition that the Fomorians, led by Cíocal, had arrived two hundred years earlier and lived on fish and fowl until Partholon came, bringing the plough and oxen. Partholon defeated Cíocal in the Battle of Mag Itha, but all his people later died of plague.

The Fomorii were described differently in different texts, most of which were all written as stories of the past after Ireland had been Christianized. One version describes the Fomorii and gives them the body of a man with the head of a goat. A few of them were described as quite beautiful, like Bres, who would become the king of the Fomorii.
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