Creiddylad, daughter of Lludd Silver Hand, was a lady living at the court of King Arthur. Considered to be the most beautiful girl in the British Isles, she was loved by two of Arthur's warriors: Gwythyr and Gwyn. Her rival suitors were thrust into conflict when Gwythyr abducted her from her father's house, to which Gwyn retaliated by kidnapping her from Gwythyr. Due to Arthur's intervention in the ensuing feud, the lady Creiddylad was returned to her father and an arrangement was made that forced the adversaries to engage in single combat for the object of their love every May Day. She was caused to remain with her father, unmarried, until a final battle on Judgement Day, which will determine who keeps her forever.

She is the goddess of flowers and love. She is connected with the festival of Beltaine and called the May Queen. In some stories she is referred to as a daughter of the sea god Lir.
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