The fair haired daughter of Gebann, she gave her love to Ciabhan but, through the treachery of Iuchnu, she was drowned. Also a Goddess of the Tuatha sea, and the otherworld, she often took the form of a sea bird. As such she symbolized the Celtic afterlife.

She was also Queen of the Banshees of the Tuatha Dé Danann. In some Irish myths Clíodhna is a goddess of love and beauty. She is said to have three brightly coloured birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree and whose sweet song heals the sick. She leaves the otherworldly island of Tir Tairngire ("the land of promise") to be with her mortal lover, Ciabhán, but is taken by a wave as she sleeps due to the music played by a minstrel of Manannan mac Lir in Glandore harbour in County Cork: the tide there is known as Tonn Chlíodhna, "Clíodhna's Wave".

She had her palace in the heart of a pile of rocks, five miles from Mallow, which is still commonly known by the name of Carrig-Cleena Numerous legends about her are told among the Munster peasantry.
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