Brighid "exalted one", is the daughter of the Dagda, and therefore one of the Tuatha de Dannan. She was the wife of Bres of the Fomorians, with whom she had a son, Ruadán. She had two sisters who were also called Brighid, and were associated with healing and crafts.

She was associated strongly with fire, beside being a patron goddess of poetry, smithing, arts and crafts, medicine, cattle and other livestock, sacred wells, serpents (in Scotland) and the arrival of early spring. She is the goddess of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions. Things such as high-rising flames, highlands, hill-forts, upland areas, plus activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty or elevated, such as wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship, healing ability, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare.

The three Brighids were typically treated as three aspects of a single deity, making her a classic Celtic triple goddess. She’s honoured during the springtime welcoming festival known as Imbolc.
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