Ai Mac Ollamain

A Tuatha de Denann god of poetry. When Ai Mac Ollamain was born, his family’s house was rocked by violent winds. The Druid who was present at the time predicted he would become a great and powerful man. When the local chieftain heard this he was filled with fear, and he demanded the baby be put to death. The baby’s father, Ollamain, went to the chiefain and pleaded for his life. Somehow he was able to save him.

When Ai grew up he did become a famous and very powerful Druid. His powers were so great that when Carman, the Celtic Witch, attacked Ireland with her three evil sons, Ai was called, along with three other Denann sorcerers and Druids, Crichinbel, Lugh and Bé Chuille, to challenge the intruders. Carman was captured and imprisoned, and her sons were banished from Ireland, never to return.

In tribute to his powers as a great Druid poet “filidh”, the very word given to describe poetic inspiration is the same as his name. Because of that Ai can never be forgotten, although his legend has been forgotten, like a great many more.

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