Aengus Og

One of the Irish Gods of the Tuatha De Danaan. He was known as being the God of Love. He made his home at the famous Brú na Bóinne, now known as Newgrange. It is said that his kisses are so sweet they turned into birds, so rich that there couyld only be four of them! His father is the Mighty Dagda, the All-father and his mother, the Life-giving Boyne which takes its name from Bo-ann, the Cow Goddess. She who nurtures life with the milk of her waters and who makes men rich with the fertility of her land.

He is a poet, a lover, a singer and is known as Angus the Young.

He was troubled by dreams and visions of a beautiful, young maiden. He fell in love with her immediately and started to waste away because he could not find her. His mother Boann searched the whole of Ireland for the maiden, but after a year she still had not found her. The mighty Dagda did the same and also could not find her. Then the great and wise Dagda called on Bodb Dearg, king of the Sidhe in Munster and the Dagda’s aide, to go and find the girl, and she was found at Loch Bel Dracon (the Loch of the Dragon’s Mouth), chained to fifty other girls, all of whom turn into birds.

Aengus was taken to the lake of the Dragon’s Mouth where he found her at once and they discovered that her name was Caer, the daughter of Ethal and Anubal, a King of the Sidhe of Connact. Aengus is told that he must meet with the Sidhe King, Ethal, and reluctantly, the King allows Aengus to visit the Loch on Samhain. He does so, but Caer Ibormeith, the fair maiden, only agrees to be with the Young God if she’s allowed to return to the lake. He agrees and they both turn into swans and fly off together singing such a beautiful song that all who heard them fell asleep for three days and nights.

Aengus had a son called, “Diarmuid Ua Duibhne” or Diarmuid of the Love Spot. One night while out hunting Diarmuid met a maiden who made a magic love spot appear on his head, and from then on no woman ever looked upon him with out falling in love with him.

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