This Aedh was killed by Brian, a son of Turenn. Aedh, his faher Miochaoin & his brothers, Corc & Conn were all killed by the sons of Turenn when the latter attacked Mochaen's hill and raised a shout to satisfy part of the penalty imposed on them for the murder of Cian.

A 2nd Aedh

Aedh, Angus, and Artrach, were the three sons of Bodb Dearg. Aedh was the comeliest of them all. Troops of poets from Ireland and Alban used to be with him, so that his home was called "The Rath of Aedh of the Poets".

A 3rd Aedh

The son of the Dagda, he was killed by Corrgenn, who suspected that he was involved with his wife.

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